East Arnhem Regional Council (EARC) aims to improve the wellbeing and re-ablement of aged and disabled residents of East Arnhem through the provision of a comprehensive Aged & Disability Services.

The Aged & Disability Service provides support to frail, aged and disabled people and their carers so they may remain in  their community and prevent premature admission to alternative residential care.

Encompassing a range Government funded & community initiatives the Aged & Disability service employs over 60 people across the East Arnhem region promoting an encouraging local Indigenous employment.

East Arnhem Regional Council delivers:

  • 91 Home Care Packages (HCP)
  • Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)
  • Disability in Home Support (DIHS)
  • Individual Support Packages (ISP)

As part of the 2015-16 budget the Australian Government announced major changes to Home Care.  The Aged Care Legislation Amendment (Increasing Consumer Choice) Act 2016 was recently passed and adopted by parliament.

Inline with this amendment, all home care packages will follow the consumer and will no longer belong to the Service Provider as of February 2017.  In July 2018 Commonwealth Home Support Program will follow a similar path.  There will also be a continued prioritized national  approach to access of home care services through‘My Aged Care’ portal.

The Disability sector is also implementing substantial reforms with the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  This will provide nation wide support to Individuals with a consumer driven focus.

These changes will be significant for East Arnhem Regional Council who are proactively preparing and  positioning themselves as a ‘“Provider of Choice’ in what could become a very competitive market.

East Arnhem Regional Council works collaboratively with all stakeholders and relevant funding bodies to ensure the needs of their clients are met using the principles of Consumer Directed Care.

East Arnhem Regional Council through the delivery of the Aged & Disability Services continues to advocate and actively seek support for infrastructure upgrades to meet the required level of service and support in East Arnhem Land.

Delivery of  Aged & Disabilities Services is essential for residents of East Arnhem Land. The services, valued at $4.4 million is funded by both the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Departments of Health  and East Arnhem Regional Council.