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East Arnhem Shire Council (EASC) aims to improve the wellbeing of aged and disabled residents of East Arnhem through the provision of a comprehensive Aged & Disability Services.

The Aged & Disability Service provides support to frail, aged and disabled people and their carers to live in their community and to prevent premature admission to alternative care arrangements.

Encompassing a range Government funded & community initiatives the Aged & Disability service employs over 60 people across the East Arnhem region and delivers:

In 2012-13, East Arnhem Shire Council will continue to access additional funding for community projects & activities. EASC will also look to introduce:

East Arnhem Shire Council through the delivery of the Aged & Disability Services continues to advocate and actively seek support for infrastructure upgrades to meet the required level of service and support in East Arnhem Land.

A number of community organisations partner with EASC to contribute to the overall delivery of Aged & Disability services; these include important partnerships with Miwatj Health, NT Government Clinics, MJD Foundation and GEBIE.

Delivery of this Aged & Disabilities Services in is essential for residents of East Arnhem Land. The services, valued at $4.4 million is partly funded by the Department of Health & Ageing (DoHA) and East Arnhem Shire Council.