At a March 2009 Council Meeting, a resolution was passed agreeing to establish the Animal Welfare and Control Sub-Committee.

The primary role of this committee is to assess the by-laws and policies of other councils and in consultation with communities develop effective bylaws and policies for the Council.

The Animal Welfare and Control Sub-Committee is comprised of six (6) elected members representing each East Arnhem Regional Council Ward.


Anindilyakwa Ward: Cr Elliot Bara
Gumurr Gattjirrk Ward: Cr Lily Roy
Gumurr Marthakal Ward: Cr Evelyna Dhamrrandji
Gumurr Miwatj Ward: President Banambi Wunungmurra
Gumurr Miyarrka Ward: Cr Wesley Wunungmurra
Birr Rawarrang Ward: Cr Jason Mirritjawuy

Anindilyakwa Ward:Cr Gordon Walsh (for Cr Elliot Bara)