Cemeteries in communities of East Arnhem are managed through the Parks & Open Spaces programs of Council with the strong assistance of external organisations such as CDEP, JobShop and Homeland Associations.

Coordinated under the NT Cemeteries Act and within a very limited budget, EARC delivers a range of services in the up keep and future planning of cemeteries in East Arnhem, these include:

  • Management & identification of local cemeteries (designated areas only)
  • Identification and dedication of future public burial places
  • Maintenance of cemetery burial details
  • Preparation of burial plots
  • Maintenance of cemetery surrounds including fencing
  • Liaise with relatives of deceased, clans and other stakeholders on funeral arrangements and burial sites on designated cemetery areas.

Enquiries regarding cemeteries in each community can be made at your local Council Service Administration Centre or by contacting your local Council Services Manager.