Waste data and facts in our communities

Did you know?

  • Council initiated Recycling in 2015. A total of 13,3 Tonnes of waste was transported by barge to be recycled including Plastic, Waste Oil, Car Batteries and IT/TV waste.

  • The population in East Arnhem communities is increasing above the Australian average. It rose from 6,307 residents in 2009 to 7,326 residents in 2011 (Census 2011) and is expected to have risen to approximately 8,500 residents in 2016 (Census 2016 to be released soon). This would correspond to an increase of 34% in population in just 10 years, compared with 16% during the same period at a national level (All Australia). This fact and the fact that most of our communities are located in islands re-enforces the need for Council, all residents and businesses to support waste avoidance and recycling programs. This will help in minimizing landfill expansion and negative environmental impacts to our communities, making them more sustainable into the future.

  • The combined area of all landfills in East Arnhem communities is 215,641 m2 and expanding. We can minimize this area growth by reducing the waste we produce, recycling as much as we can and always following the signs at the landfills (depositing waste in the right areas).

  • Council serves a total of 2,130 wheelie bins twice per week. Please put your bins out only on rubbish days and keep them in good condition.

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Should you wish to participate, volunteer or suggest any initiatives that can improve the waste services provided by East Arnhem Regional Council to it’s communities please contact us on: wasteservices@eastarnhem.nt.gov.au

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