Your collection days

Council’s Roadside Collection Service comprises the emptying of authorized 240L Wheelie Bins in each eligible property, twice per week on regular days and times.

A maximum of 2 wheelie bins is allowed per Residential Property:

  • 1 wheelie bin for residential properties with 5 or less occupants;
  • 2 wheelie bins for residential properties with more than 5 occupants.

Commercial Properties can have additional bins. These are subjected to an additional fee per additional bin.

Council might also provide its Roadside Collection Service to ‘one off events’.

What’s My Bin Day?

Wheelie Bin Collection Schedules - EARC Communities

Hard Waste

Hard Waste consists of general household items not suitable for 240L Wheelie Bins due to size, mass or chemical properties and not including Unacceptable Waste.

For residential properties only, the Roadside Collection Service includes up to twelve Hard Waste Collections per annum per property.

Pre-Cyclone Season Hard Waste Clean

Once a year, usually in November, Council will promote one Pre-Cyclone Season Hard Waste Clean Up in each community. This clean up will be advertised with at least one week’s notice and will include the removal from residential properties of any Hard Waste that can cause an hazard in case of a cyclone.

Unacceptable Waste

Click on the links bellow to know about the waste not accepted by Council:

Unacceptable Waste - Roadside Collections
Unacceptable Waste - Council Facilities

New service, wheelie bin and car removal application forms

Should you wish to apply to a new kerbside collection service for a new property or for a property currently not being serviced, please complete the following form:

Roadside Waste Collection - Application Form

Should you wish to replace a lost/ stolen/ damaged wheelie bin, please complete the following form:

Roadside Waste Collection - Wheelie Bin Application Form

Should you wish to remove an old damaged vehicle from your property please complete the following form:

Car Body Removal - Application Form

Completed forms should be emailed to:

Additional information: (08) 8986 8986

Council waste facilities

EARC operates a series of waste facilities in communities where no other viable Landfill facility is available.

Landfill and Resource Recovery Facilities (LRRF) currently operated by Council include:

LRRF - Galiwinku
LRRF - Milingimbi
LRRF - Ramingining
LRRF - Gapuwiyak
LRRF - Umbakumba (only dry waste accepted)
LRRF - Milyakburra

Council is currently installing remote solar monitoring cameras at all Council operated landfill sites.
All commercial waste loads taken to each of the listed LRRF must be reported. For additional information please contact:

Council promotes resource recovery whenever economically viable and best practice in all its LRRF sites.
In communities where a commercial Landfill Facility is accessible and viable for Council and the community to utilise, Council will utilise it, complying with its terms and conditions of use. At the present time these communities include Yirrkala, Gunyangara and Angurugu.

Scavenging at Landfill Sites

At all times scavenging is not permitted at any of Council’s landfill facilities by any person including but not limited to Council staff, Contractors engaged by Council and the general public unless specifically authorised to do so. Scavenging includes salvaging, receiving or removing any item or material that has been accepted at the landfill site for disposal or recovery.

How to dispose your waste

Things that GO in your Purple Bin:

General household items or general commercial waste only.

Things that CANNOT GO in your Purple Bin:

Waste Disposal Additional details
Mobile phones Council office Use Mobile Muster boxes at front desk.
Find out how it works here!
Or read more about it at:
Printer cartridges Deliver cartridges to front desk attendants
Find out how it works here!
Or read more about it at:
Small batteries Deliver batteries to front desk attendants
E-waste Council workshop IT and TV waste only.
You can find what’s accepted here!
Find out how it works here!
Or read more about it at:
Waste oil
Car or boat batteries Collected by Council during Hard Rubbish Collection (households only)
Must be transported directly to the Landfill Facility (all commercial)
Gas bottles
Bitumen Must be transported directly to the Landfill Facility
Building materials
Heavy items (wheelie bin cannot total over 75kg per collection)
Dust & fine loose materials not securely wrapped
Chemicals, paints & solvents Contact the Council for advice
Earth, sand, gravel & rocks
Hot ashes
Medical, dental or veterinary practice waste
Engines with oil
Explosives or ammunition
Radioactive waste
Any other discarded article or matter that poses a significant risk to the health of a person who comes into contact with it, the collection vehicle or to the environment at large.

Waste data and facts in our communities

Did you know?

  • Council initiated Recycling in 2015. A total of 13,3 Tonnes of waste was transported by barge to be recycled including Plastic, Waste Oil, Car Batteries and IT/TV waste.
  • Council has a target of 25% waste recycled by 2020 and 50% waste recycled by 2025. More details can be found in the EARC Waste Management Strategy 2015-2025. (link to EARC WASTE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY 2015-2025 page, not file ).
  • The population in East Arnhem communities is increasing above the Australian average. It rose from 6,307 residents in 2009 to 7,326 residents in 2011 (Census 2011) and is expected to have risen to approximately 8,500 residents in 2016 (Census 2016 to be released soon). This would correspond to an increase of 34% in population in just 10 years, compared with 16% during the same period at a national level (All Australia). This fact and the fact that most of our communities are located in islands re-enforces the need for Council, all residents and businesses to support waste avoidance and recycling programs. This will help in minimizing landfill expansion and negative environmental impacts to our communities, making them more sustainable into the future.
  • The combined area of all landfills in East Arnhem communities is 215,641 m2 and expanding. We can minimize this area growth by reducing the waste we produce, recycling as much as we can and always following the signs at the landfills (depositing waste in the right areas).
  • Council serves a total of 2,130 wheelie bins twice per week. Please put your bins out only on rubbish days and keep them in good condition.

Get involved!

Should you wish to participate, volunteer or suggest any initiatives that can improve the waste services provided by East Arnhem Regional Council to it’s communities please contact us on:

Waste fees and charges

Council recovers the cost of providing waste management services by charging:

  • Annual Refuse Rates to each property
  • A price per bin per collection to commercial properties with additional bins
  • Commercial landfill access fees (not applicable to households/ residents)

Click here to access current Commercial Dumping Fees applicable to all landfill sites operated by EARC (Galiwinku, Milingimbi, Ramingining, Gapuwiyak, Umbakumba and Milyakburra).

EARC Waste Management Strategy 2015-2025

Council recently developed a Waste Management Strategy 2015-2025 with the aim of delivering best practice waste services and contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint of our communities. The Draft Strategy is currently being reviewed and will be endorsed by Council soon. 

In designing the future directions included in this Waste Strategy, EARC adopted the following Waste Hierarchy principles:

Most preferable
Avoid or reduce The amount of generated waste per capita.
Reuse Some of the disposed materials inside and outside the communities.
Recycle The disposed materials by reprocessing them into new products.
Recover Materials that cannot be reused or recycled, using them to generate energy.
Dispose to landfill Minimising landfilling only to materials that cannot be recovered.
Less preferable

The Strategy’s Structure including Vision, Pillars, High Level Objectives, High Level Targets and Programs is summarised here (and below).       

To support the achievement of the Strategy’s Objectives and Targets, Council is looking at creating Resource Recovery Centres (RRC) in each selected community adding to the existing Landfill and Resource Recovery Facilities (LRRF). You can see how each waste category will be managed once the RRCs are created here (and below).       

The 6 Programs included in the Strategy are:

  •     Infrastructure Development and Asset Management
  •     Operational Efficiency and Financial Sustainability
  •     Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery
  •     Legislation, Regulation and Policy Compliance
  •     Communication, Education and Behavioural Change
  •     Strategic Partnerships  

The full Draft Strategy, including all detailed Programs will be available in September.

Wheelie bin campaign

Each Council approved Wheelie Bin has your lot number and a sticker with your Collection Days.

Please never leave your bin out on the street, except during the collection times.

Bins that are left on the street are more likely to get knocked over and damaged - and you'll have to pay for a new one.
Dogs can access bins easily if they are left out - it can be unsafe for the dogs and can cause rubbish to be spread around.
Left out bins accumulate water - it can become a breeding place for mosquitoes carrying harmful disease.
Bins that are left out make the whole street look untidy.
Place your bin out next to the street before 7am on bin days only. Return it to its usual place after it's been emptied.
Damaged bin or lost lid? Contact your local EARC office, we'll have it repaired.

Commercial waste - information booklets

The following Information Booklets present valuable information for commercial waste producers in East Arnhem communities:

Information Booklet – Waste Management – Elcho Island
Information Booklet – Waste Management – Milingimbi

Partnerships & programs