Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Absolutely, there are no limits on the number of jobs you can apply for.

How will I receive a response on my application?

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Should your application be successful for an interview we will attempt to contact you by telephone. If we are unable to contact you by phone, we may try to contact you via email.

Can I post/fax you a copy of my application?

The fastest most efficient way for you to submit an application is via an online application [Submit Your Application Here] or in an email to the This saves time in application processing and allows us to quickly and accurately match your skills and experience against the skills required for the position you have applied for.

You can still apply via fax or mail. However, you are encouraged to try applying online. Public libraries, schools and Internet cafes are some options to consider if you do not have Internet access at home. If you are a community based resident you can also pop into the office and drop off your application or speak to one of the Council Service Managers.

It is recommended that if you choose to submit an application by mail or fax – that you firstly call recruitment to inform them of an impending delivery or an application.

Details for fax & postal applications:

08 8930 9124

Human Resources - PRIORITY
PO Box 1060, Nhulunbuy NT 0881
(Note: Please mark as confidential)

I have already applied for this position manually, do I need to re-apply online?

No. However, if you apply online or through email initially you will have the benefit of our HR team receiving your application as promptly as possible.

Do I need to be an Australian Citizen to apply for a position with East Arnhem Regional Council?

If you are an Australian Citizen or have unlimited work rights in Australia, you can apply for a job, by submitting all relevant documents including a Current CV/Resume & Cover Letter:

  1. via our online application - Submit Your Application Here
  2. by emailing

Personal details and privacy. Who will see my application or registration of interest? Is it confidential?

Yes. Your application will be treated with utmost respect and confidentiality. Initially, the only person(s) to see your details will be members of our recruitment team, the necessary manager and the selection panel members involved in the role(s) you have applied for. 

We will only retain your personal information and contact you again if you give us permission to do so.

All information provided in applications will be confidential and cannot be accessed by unauthorised people.  All Council employees commit to protection of personal information through the East Arnhem Regional Council Code of Conduct .

Why do I need to Address the Selection Criteria & how do I do it?

We need to select the 'Right people, for the right job'. By Addressing the Selection Criteria, we are able to match your skills, experiences and attributes to those required to perform the Roles and Responsibilities of the job. We also use you Selection Criteria to Short List for interviews.

We understand that this process does not come easy for some people and knowing where to start is often the hardest part. To help, we have developed a Quick Fact Sheet : Responding to Selection Criteria. It isn't comprehensive, but we think it will point you in the right direction.

Do you need help understanding all the sections in the Role Description?

Job Title:

This is the formal name of the position.


This is the salary range for the position. To see the salary structure (including levels, steps & annual increments) please refer to the East Arnhem Regional Council Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020.

Work Unit:

This field is the business stream the position is aligned to. East Arnhem Regional Council delivers a number services and programs that would not normally be delivered by Local Government. It is important for all employees to understand the many business streams and services of EARC.

Responsible to:

This is the person that the position will report to. It is usually the immediate line Director, Manager or Supervisor.

Primary Objective:

A statement that summarises what the job aims to achieve.

Key Responsibilities:

Outline of the key duties of the position.

Selection Criteria:

When applying for a position at EARC, this is the most important part of the document for you to include with your application (Resume/CV & Cover Letter). It is essential that you write a concise response to each criteria item. This will provide the short-listing panel & the interview panel with the necessary information to assess your skills and ability to perform the duties required in the position. The response should include examples of how you are able to perform the criteria. If you do not address the Selection Criteria, your application may not be considered.

Does the Council perform Reference Checks? 

We sure do. For all vacancies, the successful applicants referees will be contacted during the selection process. Please include the names and contact numbers of referees in your application. It is always advisable to let your referees know that you have provided their name and they are happy to participate in the process.

Are there any pre-employment checks? 

All successful applicants will be required to undergo a Northern Territory Criminal History Checks and obtain a Working with Children Clearance  (Ochre Card) before appointment is finalised. East Arnhem Regional Council will pay for Criminal History Checks and Ochre Cards.

Can I bring my pet to a community?

When considering relocation to the East Arnhem Region with your pet, there are various things that you should be aware of. The nature of pet/animal populations in Indigenous communities, as well as the tropical climate gives rise to a lot of different situations that pet owners need to be aware of prior to making the move. East Arnhem Regional Council has developed Advice for Pet Owners, which will give prospective employees an idea of what things you will need to consider before moving to remote communities with your beloved pets.

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