The Galiwin'ku Local Authority schedules to meet on the second Wednesday of the month, once every two (2) months (alternate months to East Arnhem Regional Council Ordinary Council Meetings) at the East Arnhem Regional Council Galiwin'ku Council Chambers, commencing a approximately 10.00am.

Guests are being invited from Council agencies operating in Galiwin'ku. They are asked to give a short (10 minute) report on the operations of their agency and may raise any concerns as well as successes. The aim is to have the members of the Board better informed about the work of the Council agencies, with a view to assist in improved services provision.

A public question time is always on the agenda to provide any community members with the opportunity to raise any concerns they may wish the LA members pursue.


Request to present

EARC have requested that ALL ORGANISATIONS submit a 'request to present at a Local Authority meeting' in order to present at Galiwin'ku Local Authority meetings. This info must be provided at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

Download Request to attend a meeting form and return to: Rebecca.Parsonage@eastarnhem.nt.gov.au