East Arnhem Regional Council, coordinates Local Emergency Management in close partnership with Northern Territory Emergency Services (NTES), NTG, Power & Water, Police, Clinics, Education, local industry and community based organisations.

Emergency Management Plans have been developed for all communities. These plan detail what needs to happen in the case of an emergency in communities, and how these will happen. These frameworks and actions assist EARC to plan, prepare, respond and recover from disasters and emergencies in communities.

Communities of East Arnhem Regional Council are prone to cyclones, and preparation for seasonal factors are discussed at Regular whole-of-community Emergency Management meetings are held in each community. Pre cyclone season clean ups occur in each community, with the whole community coming together to safely dispose of large items that may become dangerous in strong winds and storm such as tyres, car parts, building materials and old furniture & appliances.

Regular training is delivered by NT Police and Emergency Services throughout the region to ensure overall preparedness for emergencies. Training often includes scenarios of accidents or emergencies with a key focus or developing practical skills, education and awareness.