Mapuru Access Road Cyclone Repairs

Contract value: $415,746.00
Start date: October 2016
Date for completion: January 2017
Contractor: NT Feral Pig Harvesting


In early 2015 Tropical Cyclones Lam and Nathan swept through the East Arnhem region. These cyclones and the accompanying wet, resulted in varying levels of damage to the Council’s road network.  The Council, under funding through Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement, is committed to restoring those roads that were damaged to a level of operation which existed prior to the Cyclone event. 

This contract is for the repair of road in various locations along the Mapuru Road.  The Mapuru Access Road runs 80km northwards from the Central Arnhem Highway linking the outstations and homelands at the northern limits of the Napier Peninsula to the community of Gapuwiyak.  The Works generally comprise of road repairs namely the reformation and preparation of insitu material to serve as a subgrade surface, inclusive of the reinstatement or creation of drainage offlets, followed by the placement and compaction of locally won gravel.