Balma Access Road cyclone repairs

Contract value: $570,547.00
Start date: September 2016
Date for completion: November 2016
Contractor: Levai Civil Engineering

Balma Access Road is a flat bladed roadway which runs 80km from the Central Arnhem Highway south-ward to the community of Balma.

Cyclone Nathan, with its sustained rains rendered the roadway impassable due to numerous vulnerable sections which seasonally become boggy. In particular a billabong section commencing within 50m of the entrance of the roadway readily renders this impassable for many months.

With valuable funding through the Natural Disaster Recovery and Relief Arrangement we seek to repair this roadway. The works  generally comprise of road repairs namely the reformation, gravel patching and drainage works.

Additionally, funding through the NT Department of Transport shall see to construction of a low level crossing at the Koolatong River.