Gapuwiyak access road upgrade

Contract value: $927,480.00
Start date: October 2014
Date for completion: COMPLETED
Contractor: Drumquin


The Gapuwiyak Access Road is a 24.3km gravel roadway which links the community of Gapuwiyak to the Central Arnhem Highway. The East Arnhem Regional Council aims to upgrade the existing Gapuwiyak Access Road to improve the safety and amenity of this roadway. Under this contract the Contractor is required to undertake a substantial upgrade of the full length of the roadway. This upgrade will include 150mm compacted gravel re-sheet to 16km of the roadway and construction of 2x concrete floodways.

Mirrnatja & Donydj access road repair

Contract value: $772,873.60
Start date: November 2014
Date for completion: February 2015
Contractor: Arafura Civil Pty Ltd


In late March 2011 Tropical Cyclone Carlos swept through the East Arnhem region. This cyclone and the accompanying wet was responsible for in excess of 300mm of intense rain, resulted in varying levels of damage to the Council’s road network . 

The Council, under funding through Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement, is committed to restoring those roads that were damaged to a level of operation which existed prior to the Cyclone event. This contract is for the repair of road and drainage infrastructure in various locations along the Mirrnatja and Donydj Access Road, situated to the west of the community of Gapuwiyak.