Cyclone Lam clean up underway

East Arnhem Regional Council has now moved into the clean up and recovery stage post Cyclone Lam, with efforts underway in East Arnhem communities Milingimbi,Ramingining, Galwin’ku and Gapuwiyak.

To date communications, water and sewerage have now been reestablished in all four communities. Power is currently back on line to power stations and service lines,however updates over the next 24hours are expected relating to customer reconnection.

Water ‘Boil Alert’s’ have now been lifted in all communities.

Roads have now been cleared to all airports, airstrips and barge landings.

Council President Banambi Wunungmurra highlights the pre-cyclone preparations undertaken in reducing the impact and severity of damage by Cyclone Lam.

“Council worked closely with the NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services, PowerWater, RJCP providers, and relevant community stakeholders in each of the affected communities to ensure Cyclone Management Plans were enacted. This has resulted in reduced impact caused by the Category 4 cyclone.

Together we are now working to reduce and remove potential hazards caused by the cyclone’s destruction, and get community life back to normality as soon as possible.

I commend all parties for their hard work in both the planning, preparation and now clean up, and we intend to continue to work with the Disaster Recovery Teams during this phase” said President Wunungmurra.

Extensive damage to both infrastructure and bush growth has seen the bulk of the work created, with Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island the worst effected community. With a population of over 2 000 residents, emphasis is heavily focused on providing running repairs to residencies and ensuring access to clean water and appropriate health facilities.

President Wunungmurra, “We cannot highlight enough the work undertaken by Council staff, stakeholders and community members in their preparations, who understood and acted on the threat that Cyclone Lam posed. This has reduced the potential damage to not only infrastructure, but also ensured there was no loss of life.”

Updates will be continue to be provided as damage assessment and clean up continues.

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Chief Executive Officer - John Japp
Public Relations Coordinator - Katherine Hollis, 0457 518 772

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