Litter Reduction Pilot Program Launched for East Arnhem

The Keep Australia Beautiful Council Northern Territory [KABC (NT)] and East Arnhem Shire Council President Banambi Wunungmurra, today launched a new $230,000 litter reduction pilot program to be rolled out in all nine (9) East Arnhem Shire Council Communities over the next 12-18 months at Liberty Square at Parliament House.

Under the pilot, East Arnhem Shire Council will partner with KABC (NT) to roll out resources to help local communities clean up, recycle and keep their communities clean into the future. 

The program is part of the National Bin Network (NBN) a $100 million, 5 year industry funded plan to increase recycling and reduce litter nationally, providing an effective and efficient scheme that addresses all litter and packaging recycling, not just beverage containers.  The NBN is fully funded by industry, at no cost to Territorians.   

President Banambi Wunungmurra said "In East Arnhem, Yolngu, Anindilyakwan and Balanda people are very proud of our communities & homelands. So naturally it does sadden us at times to see litter throughout our communities and natural environment. We want to work to be part of a solution to have cleaner & healthier communities."

"So, today will mark the start of a great program in the Northern Territory in the hope that we can come back here in a year’s time and talk about our positive progress and boast about how more beautiful our East Arnhem communities are" said President Wunungmurra.

Gary Swanson, Chair of KABC (NT) said, “The pilot provides KABC (NT) for the first time with adequate resources to work with local councils and community groups such as schools, stores and environment groups to reduce litter and increase recycling”.

"KABC (NT) is all about positively engaging the community to generate real environmental outcomes.  We’re supporting this pilot because it is efficient and collaborative and has the potential to deliver strong environmental and behavioural outcomes without the negatives of regulation”.

“KABC (NT) is very keen to work in partnership with industry, communities and the Northern Territory Government to create a better environment”, Mr Swanson said.

“Based on our four decades of experience, we believe Territorians love to recycle and will do so when they’re given an opportunity. We expect the trial will be very successful and we hope it provides fresh ideas to Government for more effective litter and recycling policies in the Territory,” said Mr Swanson.