Local Government Consultations Begin

Minister Adam Giles has announced that community consultations for improving regional governance in the Northern Territory has begun.

The NT Government will be visiting all corners of the Territory to listen to what local people living in regional and remote communities need from their local council and their ideas for improving regional governance, in an effortof building a stronger local voice and quality services in regional and remote areas of the Territory.

Over the next three months the Department of Local Government’s regional engagement officers will travel to more than 70 communities across the Territory to hold public meetings and consult with members of the community one-on-one.

Consultations will focus on how we improve regional governance to make sure people living in regional and remote areas have a say on local government and other government programs. 

As dates are announced for consultations in the East Arnhem region, the Council will help spread the word by posting notices on the website and Facebook Page.

Anyone can attend a public meeting, talk with an engagement officer one-on-one, complete a survey online and provide feedback in writing.

For more visit www.yourcouncil.nt.gov.au or call 1800 707 387.