East Arnhem cleans up at Territory Tidy Town Awards

East Arnhem Shire Council was pleased to accept two awards at the recent Territory Tidy Town Awards on behalf of the communities of Umbakumba and Gunyangara, who's residents have worked tirelessly with Council staff to create a cleaner, greener and safer community.

These awards encourage, motivate and celebrate the achievements of rural and regional communities across Australia. This years Northern Territory Awards were held in Alice Springs. East Arnhem saw success in two categories in 2013 - Small Community Award and Energy Conservation Award. 

The East Arnhem Community of Umbakumba was the winner of the 'Energy Conservation Award' - further recognition to the oustanding 'Bright Lights, Safe Nights' project initiated and lead by Shire Services Manager, Clayton McCudden and supported by the Umbakumba community. The program aimed to replace all of the existing 75watt lights with 40watt lights, reducing not only operating costs energy consumption. The durability of the lights also means they are being replaced less often with an extended usage life. This program proved so successful, East Arnhem Shire was awarded a grant to expand the program throughout all nine communities.

For more information on the 'Bright Lights, Safe Nights' project.

The Community of Gunyangara has been busy this year working on all aspects of keeping their town tidy and were rewarded with the 'Small Community Award'. Special emphasis has been placed litter cotrol, resource recovery and importantly, community participation. A local nursery, veggie patch, woodwork shop and community story have all been introduced, whilst a partnership with local prisoners has seen them actively involved in litter clean ups. With the Community surrounded by the ocean, litter making its way in to the water is a major problem, and along with the litter washing in from Indonesia, and deadly ghost nets, the work being undertaken by the prisoners is essential to improving and maintaining our ocean's health.

Gunyangara's committment to rubbish removal and conservation is something everyone at East Arnhem is proud of and looks to as a leader. An award thoroughly deserved.