On your marks...set....GOOOOOOOOO in Gapuwiyak

You know how the story goes - one service provider said they were fast, the next said prove it Game On. This now annual Service Provider Relay Race is held every year at the school sports day.

The 2015 race was filled with controversy. Allegations of the Police not swapping the batten at the line ( we have photo evidence to support the accusations), and the MEP buffalo boys trying to run the race with an Olympic torch inspired batten (a buffalo horn with fire in the end) which inevitably resulted in a small fire in their lane which had to extinguished.

Who wins is irrelevant, its all about which team had the most spiritnaturally this was the EARC team - so in essence we won (regardless of official race results placing us second last).

Your EARC 2015 Relay Team was.drumrollChris Too Quick Moylan, James The Wind Wunungumurra, Lightning Raynburr Wanambi, and Off the Mark Dhamarrandji.