Subdivision announcement good news for Galiwin'ku

East Arnhem Regional Council applauds the Territory Labor Government on it’s recent Galiwin’ku subdivision announcement.

With 125 Galiwin’ku families currently on the housing waitlist, the construction of 25 new houses will help to reduce the pressure on an already dire over-crowding issue within the community.

Council is encouraged by the commitment of the Territory Labor Government to work with local Aboriginal organisations on the project, supporting the economic development of the East Arnhem Region.

East Arnhem Regional Council Acting President Kaye Thurlow is optimistic of the flow on effects of this project.

“This is wonderful news for Galiwin’ku and will continue to assist easing the over-crowding of our community members. Following on from the development of Buthan sub-division, the additional housing will help improve the living conditions for our families and have a direct impact in boosting the health of our residents, increasing school attendance and lift the overall moral of our community members.

It will also bring considerable economic benefit to the community during the construction phase, including increased employment opportunities” said Acting President Thurlow.

Council urges the Government to ensure a full urban planning scope is considered, with footpaths, roads, driveways, fencing, street lighting and family friendly public spaces all part of the housing development.