Angurugu Senior On Country Program

Councils' Senior On Country Program run by our awesome Angurugu YSR Team continues to be a major success in empowering young Warnindilyakwa people of Groote Eylandt.


The On Country program supports Warnindilyakwa youth in practising and building on their cultural knowledge and skills. On any given day you might catch the team undertaking activities such as making traditional hunting tools by hand, using traditional hunting methods and areas to collect 'bush tucker' as well as using traditional cooking techniques.

Through the program youth also actively learn about using 4wd recovery gear correctly, recognising safe 4wd tracks and gaining knowledge around routes to hunting destinations.

The On Country program creates a space for these young people to put their cultural knowledge & skills into practise as well as mentor each through the experience. As a result a key group of strong voiced young leaders has developed and now during on country trips discussions around the YSR program, activity development, as well as current community issues are hot topics around the camp fire, and importantly, with the conversation being lead in language.

YSR Coordinator Jaz Ford has been supprorted strongly by the local staffing team of Shianne and Robbie as well as local Groote familes, facilitating discussion & building this program to where it is now. From young kids through to adults, there is great pride & excitement in knowing & practising when, where & how to get crab, stingray, crayfish, turtle, mud mussels, oysters & sugar bag, just to name a few.

The preservation of cultural knowledge, skills and language is key for community empowerment & it is exciting to see the Warnindilyakwa young people take a positive leadership role within their own community & amongst each other as their brothers, sisters, cousins, friends & family all get excited & involved in the program as it continues to move forward & grow.