Council recently developed a Waste Management Strategy 2015-2025 with the aim of delivering best practice waste services and contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint of our communities. The Draft Strategy is currently being reviewed and will be endorsed by Council soon. 

In designing the future directions included in this Waste Strategy, EARC adopted the following Waste Hierarchy principles:

Most preferable
Avoid or reduce The amount of generated waste per capita.
Reuse Some of the disposed materials inside and outside the communities.
Recycle The disposed materials by reprocessing them into new products.
Recover Materials that cannot be reused or recycled, using them to generate energy.
Dispose to landfill Minimising landfilling only to materials that cannot be recovered.
Less preferable

The Strategy’s Structure including Vision, Pillars, High Level Objectives, High Level Targets and Programs is summarised here (and below).       

To support the achievement of the Strategy’s Objectives and Targets, Council is looking at creating Resource Recovery Centres (RRC) in each selected community adding to the existing Landfill and Resource Recovery Facilities (LRRF). You can see how each waste category will be managed once the RRCs are created here (and below).       

The 6 Programs included in the Strategy are:

  •     Infrastructure Development and Asset Management
  •     Operational Efficiency and Financial Sustainability
  •     Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery
  •     Legislation, Regulation and Policy Compliance
  •     Communication, Education and Behavioural Change
  •     Strategic Partnerships  

The full Draft Strategy, including all detailed Programs will be available in September.