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The East Arnhem Regional Council Children & Family Service delivers a range of family wellbeing, childcare, women’s and nutritional programs and initiatives across all communities of East Arnhem.

Led by our Regional Manager and employing 27 staff across the region, the Children & Family Services aims to maintain and develop a community services that are accessible and supports the wellbeing of the whole community.


Child Care Programs

Children, particularly in rural, remote and indigenous communities, have access to quality, flexible early childhood education and child care that equips them for life and learning delivered in a way that encourages family and community engagement. Child care programs such as crèche, long day care, vacation & after school care not only offers skill vital development and employment opportunities for local indigenous residents, but also delivers services that cater for health, social skills and educational needs of children from birth to school age.

The Australian Government provides financial support for these services under the Child Care Services Support Program.

Indigenous Women’s Program

The Indigenous Women’s Program (IWP) supports women in East Arnhem to undertake leadership, representative and management roles by addressing issues identified by Indigenous women as priorities in the communities and strengthening women’s networks and traditional cultures.

The IWP is provided in an informal manner and aims to deliver multi functional women’s services that provide for a variety of capacity building, educational early childhood parenting and economic programs.


Nutrition & Well Being Program

In partnership with Anglicare through the Communities for Child initiatives (C4C), East Arnhem Regional Council delivers Nutrition and Well Being services through Mums & Bubs, Home Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy After School Snacks Programs throughout East Arnhem.

The aim of the Nutrition & Well Being Programs is to encourage healthy eating habits through family awareness and ongoing healthy food culture. The activities within this project involve parents taking responsibility for their child's health and well being, by participating in the activity with their children whilst proving direct links to specialist health services through community clinic and allied support services. Strong collaborative links have been developed through the availability of these programs for allied health workers and other support services to work together to deliver a complimentary approach to program delivery. 

Capital Projects

Delivery of Children & Family Services in the East Arnhem Region is dependant on the ongoing support of Government to maintain and upgrade local infrastructure for the delivery of safe and ongoing programs delivered no only by East Arnhem Regional Council, but also other Service Delivery Organisations working collaboratively in the region.


The East Arnhem Regional Council Children & Family Services team have developed an East Arnhem Family & Youth Services Directory. Find out who is working in Family & Youth Services in East Arnhem Land. The Directory can be downloaded from the Publications & Resources page .