This Finance Committee meets on alternate months to the Council via teleconference, to ensure the presentation of a monthly finance report and to monitor the on-going financial position of Council. The Finance Committee may also award tenders during non Council Meeting months and convene special meetings as and when required.

The Finance Committee is comprised of six (6) elected members representing each East Arnhem Regional Council ward.


The Finance Committee consists of:

Anindilyakwa Ward: Cr Jabani Lalara
Birr Rawarrang Ward: Cr Rose Wurrguwurrgu
Gumurr Gattjirrk Ward: Cr John Ryan
Gumurr Marthakal Ward: Cr Kaye Thurlow
Gumurr Miwatj Ward: Cr Barayuwa Mununggurr
Gumurr Miyarrka Ward: Cr Gawura Wanambi

Proxy Members (in order):

Cr Yananymul Mununggurr
Cr Alfred Gondarra