Your collection days

Council’s Roadside Collection Service comprises the emptying of authorized 240L wheelie bins in each eligible property, twice per week on regular days and times.

A maximum of 2 wheelie bins is allowed per residential property:

  • 1 wheelie bin for residential properties with 5 or less occupants;
  • 2 wheelie bins for residential properties with more than 5 occupants.

Commercial properties can have additional bins. These are subjected to an additional fee per additional bin.

Council might also provide its Roadside Collection Service to ‘one off events’.

What’s my bin day?

Wheelie Bin Collection Schedules - EARC Communities

How to dispose your waste

Things that GO in your Purple Bin:

General household items or general commercial waste only.

Things that CANNOT GO in your Purple Bin:

Waste Disposal Additional details
Mobile phones Council office Use Mobile Muster boxes at front desk.
Find out how it works here!
Or read more about it at:
Printer cartridges Deliver cartridges to front desk attendants
Find out how it works here!
Or read more about it at:
Small batteries Deliver batteries to front desk attendants
E-waste Council workshop IT and TV waste only.
You can find what’s accepted here!
Find out how it works here!
Or read more about it at:
Waste oil
Car or boat batteries Collected by Council during Hard Rubbish Collection (households only)
Must be transported directly to the Landfill Facility (all commercial)
Gas bottles
Bitumen Must be transported directly to the Landfill Facility
Building materials
Heavy items (wheelie bin cannot total over 75kg per collection)
Dust & fine loose materials not securely wrapped
Chemicals, paints & solvents Contact the Council for advice
Earth, sand, gravel & rocks
Hot ashes
Medical, dental or veterinary practice waste
Engines with oil
Explosives or ammunition
Radioactive waste
Any other discarded article or matter that poses a significant risk to the health of a person who comes into contact with it, the collection vehicle or to the environment at large.

Hard waste

Hard Waste consists of general household items not suitable for 240L Wheelie Bins due to size, mass or chemical properties and not including Unacceptable Waste.

For residential properties only, the Roadside Collection Service includes up to twelve Hard Waste Collections per annum per property.

Pre-cyclone season hard waste clean

Once a year, usually in November, Council will promote one Pre-Cyclone Season Hard Waste Clean Up in each community. This clean up will be advertised with at least one week’s notice and will include the removal from residential properties of any Hard Waste that can cause an hazard in case of a cyclone.

Unacceptable waste

Click on the links bellow to know about the waste not accepted by Council:

Unacceptable Waste - Roadside Collections
Unacceptable Waste - Council Facilities

Wheelie bin campaign

Each Council approved Wheelie Bin has your lot number and a sticker with your Collection Days.

Please never leave your bin out on the street, except during the collection times.

Bins that are left on the street are more likely to get knocked over and damaged - and you'll have to pay for a new one.
Dogs can access bins easily if they are left out - it can be unsafe for the dogs and can cause rubbish to be spread around.
Left out bins accumulate water - it can become a breeding place for mosquitoes carrying harmful disease.
Bins that are left out make the whole street look untidy.
Place your bin out next to the street before 7am on bin days only. Return it to its usual place after it's been emptied.
Damaged bin or lost lid? Contact your local EARC office, we'll have it repaired.

New service, wheelie bin and car removal application forms

Should you wish to apply to a new kerbside collection service for a new property or for a property currently not being serviced, please complete the following form:

Roadside Waste Collection - Application Form

Should you wish to replace a lost/stolen/damaged wheelie bin, please complete the following form:

Roadside Waste Collection - Wheelie Bin Application Form

Should you wish to remove an old damaged vehicle from your property please complete the following form:

Car Body Removal - Application Form

Completed forms should be emailed to:

Additional information: (08) 8986 8986